What is a fat bike?

The Fat Bike, born from the vast horizons of North America, embodies a true invitation to off-road adventure.

Its unique essence lies in the perfect alliance between performance and aesthetics. Designed to tackle extreme conditions, this mountain bike with oversized tires stands out for its ability to tame pristine snow and surf on sandy beaches with disconcerting ease.

Imagine yourself at the controls of the Gorille model, a jewel of technology and style. This centerpiece subtly combines the retro audacity of 1930s motorcycles with contemporary ingenuity. Equipped with a 250 watt rear motor, intelligently hybridized to meet European standards, this elegant Fat Bike easily reaches 25 km/h, offering a smooth and captivating driving experience.

But it's not just a bike.

It is a companion for exploration, a symbol of adventure and freedom.The Gorille Fat Bike transcends the boundaries of style to become a bold statement, an artistic fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless elegance. It invites you to push your limits, to discover new horizons and to experience memorable escapades, where each ride becomes a true epic.